Are all car brands are involved in Emission Scandal?

Volkswagen took a big hit last year with the Emissions "Scandal" in 2015. As we first expected, Volkswagen were not alone in the scam. This week it was revealed that Renault are also in the bad books in the mot ...
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Faraday Future - The Car Manufacturer to take on Tesla

It is the US based company that have released a striking supercar concept. This week in the CES show in Las Vegas they debut this futuristic electric car dubbed the FFZERO1 , a single seat EV that pumps out a st ...
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What the Media won't tell you about Volkswagen Emissions Scandal

Its been the scandal of the year. Volkswagen have been installing "defeat devices" which is a piece of software that allows cars to cheat the emissions test making them appear cleaner than they actually are. Ini ...
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