UPDATE: 6 July 2020

With the easing of lock down across many sectors we are now able to operate on a more normal basis. Cars and Vans are coming through from factory to dealer and then onward direct to customers for their contactless handover.

You can be confident that we are now at a stage where we can deal with your enquiry and fulfill your requirements in a safe and compliant manner. Our entire process from start to finish can be contactless and completed electronically. This will maintain the safety of both you the customer and our dedicated staff.

Please feel free to start the process by searching on our website here: SEARCH NOW, or contact us directly to discuss your options either with the online form.

Or calling us today: 01284 810467.


UPDATE: 13 May 2020

We are now getting notifications from our suppliers that deliveries are now available on certain deals and for cars that are already in stock. 

So if you are looking for a quick delivery while still in this time of uncertainty please speak to us and we can guide you on the best options for your situation and requirements. 

Please note that all delivereries will be carried out in a Covid-19 secure way, remaining contactless and safe for both you and our delivery drivers. We have new procedures in place to handle the situation and give you the ability to confirm receipt and note any issues at the point of delivery.


As you will no doubt be aware the Covid-19 (Corona Virus) is presenting massive challenges to all businesses and the general public.

We at Genus Leasing are working to protect the safety and health of our staff while continuing to maintain the work activities.

Regardless of this current uncertainty that we are all facing, we aim and expect to continue with our day to day operation. Our staff are equipped to work from home with access to all our operating systems and quotation systems. Therefore, be assured that we are here for you whether you are looking for a quote on the new vehicle or if you are looking forward to delivery of your next car.


All communication streams will continue as normal either Email, Phone or Social media. Obviously with staff working from home there may be some delays to response, however we will endeavour to maintain our 5* customer service level.


What does Corona Virus mean for motorists?

In the automotive industry, the likes of Groupe PSA, Ford and Nissan have paused car production across Europe. Meanwhile, the UK Government’s advice is to avoid both non-essential travel and crowded places, including public transport. That means the car is likely to be critical transport, and a lifeline for many people.

Most importantly though. Visit the NHS website for the latest health advice on keeping you, your family and people around you safe.

Will I be able to get my car serviced or repaired?

It is likely that you will be able to get it booked in however there may be longer waiting times for an appointment as business work with less of a workforce. The National Franchised Dealers Association has asked the government to ensure “essential repair and maintenance services for all vehicles will not be closed as part of anticipated wider closures of shops in the UK.”  “Ensuring that essential vehicles remain in a roadworthy condition will reduce the likelihood of mechanical failures and other incidents, ensuring that vital journeys can be made and services fulfilled.” This is an ever-changing situation but people are working to put these assurances in place.

Will coronavirus cause fuel shortages?

There is nothing to worry about according to Chairman of the Petrol Retailers Association, Brian Madderson. They believe that based on the experience in Italy, where the virus is weeks ahead of us, fuel has the reverse of panic buying with their sales down by 60%. This reduction in Italy was caused by the travel ban and fewer motorists taking on long journeys.

Hygiene at petrol stations

Drivers filling up at petrol stations are being advised to use the gloves provided for both petrol and diesel pumps. Nozzles are being cleaned everyday but not after ever use so pump handles are a real risk of transferring the virus.

Some retailers are going further by refusing to accept cash over concerns of contaminated notes and coins. However with so few people carrying cash it is unlikely many will become payment by plastic-only.

How to clean your car

Like home, work and public places the car can be w vehicle for transmission should someone with the virus has been in the vehicle. If this is the case or if you are unsure then a deep clean could be a good idea.

There are not many antibacterial products specifically for car care so you would be reliant on household cleaners. Before using these household products it is advisable to read the instructions and make sure they are suitable for use on plastics and upholstery.

You should pay attention to any touchpoints, such as the steering wheel, gearstick, handbrake, interior and exterior door handles, and seatbelts - and make sure you clean them after every journey. You, and all your passengers, should use a hand sanitiser before getting into the car.

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