Electric Car Home Charging

The easiest way to keep your electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid charged is to have a 7.4kW home charge point installed, so you can charge overnight and wake up to a “full tank” every morning.

Our partners Smart Home Charge know all there is to know about car charging, plus they have a team of experienced engineers operating nationally who can install your home charge point.

To get an honest and accurate quote upfront, simply click “Request a Quote” on your chosen charger to start your Online Site Survey.

Is there a grant available for a home charge point?
Yes. As an OLEV-approved installer, Smart Home Charge will also process your £500 OLEV Grant application if you are eligible. Find out if you are eligible for the OLEV Grant here.

What chargers are available?
Smart Home Charge has a range of chargers to choose from at a price point to suit every budget. You can browse the list of chargers or start by selecting your vehicle first to find compatible chargers.

If you’re still unsure, the support team will be happy to advise you.

What will an installation cost?
We like to be honest and upfront about the cost of your EV charger installation. Every customer and install is different, so we treat each accordingly. That's why we do a site survey of your home charger installation before you decide to go ahead - that way you can make an informed decision.

Does Smart Home Charge install in my area?

Smart Home Charge has a team of engineers based across the UK and operates nationwide.


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