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Electric Cars improve to reduce range anxiety and reduce BIK – New Model for 2018 Kia e-Niro

What’s new?

In April 2019 Kia will be launching their latest electric car offering in the UK. It is the New Kia e-Niro. They aim to answer customer concerns with electric cars with this game changer, it is stated to have just under 300 mile range on one charge.

What are the key points?

  • P11d Value: £32995
  • BIK band 2019/20: 16%, 2020/21 2%
  • 201bhp / 395Nm
  • Performance: 0-60 in 7.5sec, Top speed 104mph
  • Range: 289 miles CO2: 0g/km

Is the e-Niro a car that you can live with?

  • The Kia Niro is a current model in the UK in both Hybrid and PHEV formats, it has sold over 11,000 vehicles in the UK.
  • With an electric range of 289 miles it would handle the daily commute and visit clients without having to stop for long periods of time to recharge.
  • Thankfully Kia have decided not to bring in the lower output model which they have in other markets as although it would have been cheaper the range would be worse. The UK has the higher output model only.
  •  They have kept it simple with one feature rich model at £32995 (including the government grant allowance) with a battery pack that produces 201bhp.
  • For those that want to try to outdrag the competition at traffic lights then they will not be disappointed with the instant torque from the electric motor giving 0-60mph in 7.5sec.
  • Great company car option for 2020/21 as will cost the driver from only £12 per month in tax.

What are the downsides to the e-Niro?

  • For long journeys you may need to plan as the full charge time can be 9 hours, however if you can find the fast chargers then it will get you 80% in about an hour.
  • Electric vehicles can be expensive compared to the multiple options available in the compact SUV market.
  • The infrastructure is still not the best and sometimes unreliable, so how and where to charge could be an issue. At home and at work is best if there is space, grant are available to help with the cost of installation.

What do we think to the e-Niro?

If you are considering going electric then the Kia e-Niro is worth considering. Although the electric vehicles are generally quite expensive the e-Niro compares well against 2 of the most popular options, Nissan Leaf (£32890 OTR) and the Renault Zoe (£31520 OTR). And the Kia has a far superior mileage range. The Kia is also more practical with much more space as a SUV against the 2 hatchback options.

The benchmark for manufacturers to compete with is still the Tesla model S with about 330 mile range however this is slightly unfair as the Tesla has a price tag of over double that of the Kia. So those looking at a Tesla would not be comparing it to Nissan or Renault so the Kia does compare favourably in it’s niche market. Details of the Volkswagen ID Concept prototype have been published 1 year ahead of it’s launch and this could add more competition as although lower in range is it being promoted as the people’s electric car with a price point of £22500 which could mix things up in the EV car market.

With this all said the Kia e-Niro is not here yet and the real answers will come once people have had a chance to live with the car and see what the REAL range is in real life situations running in the winter with heater on full wipers going and lights on. Time will tell.

What about electric car lease deals?

As mentioned already the high cost of these vehicles along with the uncertainty over future values have a baring on how the cheap car lease deals will look, as without the support from the manufacturer the monthly lease price will still make these cars look expensive against the tradition fuel alternatives.

With the great advantage to Benefit In Kind for the company car driver they do lend themselves to the business car leasing however personal car lease deals are also available and for the person looking at the green issues of low and zero emissions then leasing is the perfect way to protect yourself against the unknown future values.

Is there more to come?

 The Kia e-Niro looks to be a good indicator of things to come. We believe that all manufacturers will be working hard to develop higher mileage range electric models along with improved charging technology to keep the downtime to a minimum. It is exciting times ahead for the EV market.

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Posted on 21st December 2018 at 11:27 AM

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