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Personal Car Leasing FAQs

Affordable personal car leasing has never been more popular, so if you’re looking for the best personal car lease deals around and you value exceptional service, look no further than Genus Leasing. We can offer every make and model of car to help you find the perfect solution at a price that’s right.

What is personal car leasing?

Also known as Personal Contract Hire (PCH or Personal Leasing), a personal car leasing deal is effectively a long-term rental where you pay a fixed monthly payment to use the car for an agreed period and an agreed number of miles.

What happens at the end of a lease deal?

At the end of the contract, the vehicle is returned to the lease company, leaving the responsibility and worry of depreciation values and disposal of the car with them and not you! You are then free to lease another car on a new agreement. The vehicle will be subject to inspection and fair wear and tear.

Are car lease deals subject to a finance check?

You will need to pass a credit check which will be carried out by the lease company prior to ordering the vehicle.

Who are personal car lease deals for?

If you’re someone who likes to change their car for the latest models of brand new car every 2-3 years, wants to manage their budget with fixed costs, do not like trying to sell your car at the end or negotiating trade in values with dealers, then car leasing funded by cheap new car deals is for you.


Car lease deals offer cost-effective access to a new car without the big drops in value associated with owning a new vehicle outright. You also have the option to include full servicing, maintenance and tyres within the one fixed monthly payment, giving you total peace of mind and no hassle motoring.

The way in which the monthly cost of our car finance deals is calculated is by taking into consideration the following:

The discounted cost of the vehicle, the contract term (usually 2-5 years), the predicted future value of the vehicle at the end of the contract, the mileage which is set by you at the beginning of the contract and any optional features added such as service and maintenance packages.
With cheap car leasing, you will never technically own the vehicle as it is registered to the lease company; however, this means that the risk of depreciation lies with them not you and it also means that the road tax is paid for by the lease company throughout the duration of the contract.

In 2017 the volume of personal leased cars increased by 10% year on year. This trend is continuing for the foreseeable future.

Is cheap car leasing possible on high mileage?

Yes, we can tailor the contract to your mileage, up to a total of 150,000 miles in the contract. If you need a specific deal, whether it is for lease cars or lease vans please just ask for a personalised quote. Depending on the vehicle and the expected future value the rentals can be less than you may expect.

Should you exceed the contract mileage there will be an excess mileage charge payable at the end of the contract. This pence per mile is agreed and clearly stated on all paperwork prior to your order.

What are the key things to look out for with personal car lease deals and business car lease deals?

• If you terminate the agreement early you may have to pay an early termination fee,
• If you exceed the mileage allowance agreed at the beginning there will be an excess mileage charge payable upon return of the vehicle
• When you return the vehicle make sure that it is in a good condition as any damage beyond the industry guidelines (BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear) could incur charges for that damage.
Who is the lease agreement with?
Genus Leasing is a broker not a lender, therefore we have a panel of funders that we use to search for the best lease deals, your ongoing agreement will be direct with the funder. However, we are here throughout the agreement for advice and help with any issues or questions that you may have.

We use our fleet purchase terms to get the lowest purchase price then run the figures through all funders and offer you, the customer, the cheapest lease deals.
You will receive the lease documents from the funder once the order is placed and in the system.

How do you proceed?

Either search on the site to find the make and model that you want and the cheapest leasing offers available, so we can contact you to finalise the contract or contact one of our advisors now to discuss your options.