Fleet Management


What is Fleet Management?

Effective fleet management includes a range of different areas that require careful and strategic management to help fleets to minimise risk and save money. Fleet Management incorporates areas such as fleet vehicle financing, remarketing, accident management, telematics, risk management, fuel management and many more.

In general, managing the company’s fleet and grey fleet drivers is not the primary responsibility of the “Fleet Manager”, we recognise this and have the system to support you in the following ways:

  • Compliance: it is essential to run and have a fleet management that is fully aligned to the current legislation and we can provide that. 
    P11D Reporting, Duty of Care, Grey Fleet Management
  • Cost Control: by clearly showing all areas of your fleet expenditure, you have more control and a greater ability to remove unnecessary cost.
    Fuel costs, SMR costs, Tyre costs 
  • Fleet Administration: taking some of the leg work out of administration through automation, proactive reminders and better data clarity.
    VE103s, Insurance documents, V5s, Mandates, Contracts 
  • Data management: one place to access documents and the current vehicle data.
    Access control, Document storage, Data Clarity, GDPR 
  • Maintenance Management: 24/7 assistance with servicing and repairs with fleet discount rates
    Service booking, Repairs, O-Licences, Downtime management 
  • Reporting: information at your fingertips when required for planning and budgeting.
    Clarity of data, Automated reports

Keeping you compliant

Keeping your fleet compliant is essential and is a legal requirement.

  • Storing essential compliance documents such as: insurance documents, MOT Certificates and Servicing records for Grey Fleet drivers and flags up missing information
  • Providing P11D forms for all your drivers by simply entering their vehicle registration or doing a complete fleet report
  • Storing information on who is authorised to drive what vehicle, whether that is an employee or a relative
  • Provides an audit trail of mandatory information

Controlling your fleet costs

Aside from the cost of the physical vehicle, the peripheral costs can be significant and, if not managed, can be crippling.

  • Providing visibility of all your fleets costs, such as fuel, maintenance, tyres, allowing you to clearly see if there are any areas of overspend
  • Proving you with clarity on any individual vehicle that is incurring abnormal cost

Fleet Administration

Managing an efficient and compliant fleet of vehicles goes hand in hand with keeping on top of the administration.

  • Being one application that stores all the essential fleet and driver information you need to manage your fleet, linked to a workflow process that keeps you on track
  • Providing a simple data upload process that takes all the essential information from the DVLA and CAP and populates it into the correct part of the system – all from a single vehicle registration upload
  • Displaying the information you need on a dashboard, accessed as soon as you logon
  • The data displayed on your dashboard provides a clear picture of the areas that need your attention.

Effective Data Management

There usually needs to be a lot of data gathered, managed and easily retrievable to run a efficient, compliant fleet.

  • Storing all the essential documents against specific drivers, whether they are employees or relatives
  • Allowing you to set levels of access for users so they can only see the information they are entitle to see
  • Sending you notifications on where data is missing or someone has not responded to a request for information
  • Displays who is authorised to drive what vehicle

Managing Maintenance

Having a robust and auditable maintenance programme for every vehicle on your fleet is not only essential for your Duty of Care obligations but also for better cost control.

  • Clearly showing the routine maintenance schedule for every vehicle based on the CAP data installed within the system
  • Sending you reminders of what things that need to be done. This may be linked to either a driver or vehicle related activity
  • Doing regular Driver Licence checks for all your drivers, including our Grey Fleet drivers and flexing the regularity of the checks based on the number of points an individual has and the miles they drive on business

Relevant Reporting

The thought of having to create your own reports from the mountain of fleet data can be a daunting one.

  • Providing you with a standard suite of the most common reports, such as: MOTs, RFL renewal dates, last licence check dates
  • Allows you investigate your data by doing your own bespoke searches based on our database parameters and your business needs.
  • Letting you export the data you need, should you wish to analyse it in a different programme, such as Excel

Driver Management

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 require every employer to carry out a regular risk assessment of risks that may affect the health and safety of their employees while they are at work. This includes any driving activity on the road.

  • Providing automated Driver Licence checking
  • Prompting the drivers to complete their mandate
  • Sending you alerts when drivers gain points or disqualifications
  • Allowing you to change the frequency of the licence checks for specific higher risk drivers
  • Keeping you compliant with minimal effort

24 / 7 Driverline Support*

at your fingertips.JPG

Your drivers may need support at any time, day or night, week days or weekends, for things like breakdown, accidents or just routine maintenance. You can’t be expected to be available at any time but your drivers may need support at any time.

  • Providing a dedicated driver support line where they get to speak to a person at anytime, day or night.
  • Providing a service where drivers can book servicing, MOTs, tyre and glass replacement or support should they be involved in an accident.
  • Offering a service that take care of the repair or maintenance process efficiently and at the most cost effective rates.
  • Giving you peace of mind that your drivers are supported 24 / 7 a dedicated team of experienced professionals.

Automated Driver Licence Checking

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 require every employer to carry out a regular risk assessment of risks that may affect the health and safety of their employees while they are at work. This includes any driving activity on the road.

With this legislation, a key aspect of compliance is that any employees or sub-contractors that drive on company business must hold a valid driving licence. This includes any drivers paid expenses to use their own vehicles.

Using this fleet management system we can now give you the ability to manage this compliance with almost zero effort.

How does it work?

To get started you need to load your vehicles and drivers into ODO. You don’t need much information, the minimum is:

 - Vehicles - Registration number 
 - Drivers - Name, email address, driving licence number, home address and National Insurance number

You can load this information individually, from a spreadsheet or ask your Fleet Provider to load them for you.

Your Fleet Provider will switch on the service for you, from then on ODO takes care of it:

 - The drivers are emailed with a link to the online consent process 
 - The driver enters their information to validate who they are
 - Once verified the driver is emailed a check code to confirm
 - The driver electronically signs the mandate giving you the legal authority to check their licence - valid for 3 years

The System electronically checks the licence with the DVLA and updates with the details of the check. You get an alert if the driver has gained penalties or disqualifications

You can view the history of checks for a driver, any penalties/ disqualifications they have received, the vehicle groups their licence is valid for and any medical conditions.


What happens if the driver does not sign the mandate? After 2 weeks you get an alert that the specific driver has not signed.

How often is the driver licence checked? Every 6 months.

Can I change the frequency? Drivers default to medium risk, you can set individual drivers to high risk (checks every 3 months) or low risk (checks every 12 months).

What happens if the driver has a foreign driver’s licence? The DVLA only checks UK driving licences, you can exclude a driver from automated checking and record this manually in the system.

Will the system alert me immediately if a driver gets disqualified? Yes, you will be alerted if the driver has been disqualified.

What happens if I put the wrong information into the system? The licence check will fail, and you will get an error message. Once you have corrected the data it will try again.

What happens if the licence check fails or does not return any data? You will receive an alert, this may be because the data held against the driver does not match that held at the DVLA. The driver is able to provide you with a manual licence check code which can be obtained directly from the DVLA and you can check the details on the DVLA website.

24/7 Driverline - One call does it all*

• Collect drivers specific Breakdown provider details including policy number 
• Transfer to relevant Accident/ Breakdown supplier where necessary
• Collect any relevant details for insurance etc. 
• Transfer to relevant Accident/ Breakdown supplier where necessary
Service, Maintenance & Repair 
• Extensive UK Dealership Network 
• Exceptional customer service levels 
• Customers benefit from compliance being steered as per contract instructions
• UK’s largest panel of Tyre partners 
• Live diary integration with stringent SLAs 
• Exceptionally competitive pricing terms 
• Web-based placement, authorisation & billing system
• UK’s largest panel of Glass partners 
• Web-based placement, authorisation & billing system General Enquiries 
• Assisting drivers with general enquiries 
• Out of hours support where necessary 
• Easy transfer of call back to employer when required

How it works

Once activated, the driver will be sent a letter and a Driverline card with your company’s branding. Subsequently, an outbound activation call will be carried out by one of our friendly agents, who will overview the service and take further details from the driver. 

Once activated, the driver will be able to use the dedicated number 24/7 for support with all in-life events including Accidents, Breakdown, Service, MOT, Maintenance, Tyres, Glass or General Enquiries.

What are the benefits to the driver?
• Dedicated Support
• 24/7 driver support 
• Unrivalled automotive expertise 
• Peace of mind > 1 call does it all 
• Enhanced user experience 
• ‘Invisible hand’ guiding customer 
• Improved service 
• Feeling valued 
• ‘Arm around’ effect 
• Preferential Pricing and SLAs 
• Benefit from volume discounts, regardless of fleet size 
• Network partnerships throughout the UK 
• Stringent SLAs 
• Minimise vehicle downtime

On the Go - the App Does it All

Extending service and support, The Mobile Driver App is a free of charge driver management tool. It can support accurate business mileage recording, accident management, vehicle inspections and driver alerts.

• Standard Driver App available free on Android and IOS 
• Secure Driver Login 
• View vehicle details allocated to the driver 
• Record manual odometer readings 
• Record fuel transactions and upload photo of the receipt 
• Track business and personal trips 
• Record accident details and upload photos, notifications sent to the Fleet Manager 
• Perform vehicle inspection*, record damage and faults, notifications sent to the Fleet Manager 
• In-app messaging with the Fleet Manager 
• Real-time updating, with offline capability
* Inspections is a chargeable add on service

How it works

It works the same way as any other app from either the Apple App or Google Play stores.

Once downloaded and installed, your driver has to use the same login and password the Fleet Manager has allocated them.

Once logged in, the app will connect and download the vehicles allocated to the driver. Additional paid functionality associated with the driver and system, for example vehicle inspections will also be available.

Once these basics are in place, you and your driver are good to go and start using the app.

For more information and advice on how we can help you manage your car and van fleet, including grey fleet, Contact us today and begin the journey to a complaint, organised and well run fleet.

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*additional cost

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