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Why should I use a Car Leasing Broker rather than going straight to the Main Car Dealer?

Question: Why should I use a Car Leasing Broker rather than going straight to the Main Car Dealer?

This is a good question and one we get asked a lot. After all, the cars supplied by a broker come from main dealers so surely if you miss out the extra link it should be cheaper? This is not always the case across lots of different industries, going direct is not always the cheapest, easiest or the best route. That is why comparison websites have become so big and powerful and household names, because they offer something that the consumer needs, giving clear comparison of multiple deals from across the market on the product along with similar alternatives that may be better.

Choosing a new car is likely to be the second biggest acquisition that you make after your house, so surely you need to speak to the experts for advice and guidance? Definitely. However, experts in what? Dealers should know their product to advise you on their vehicles, but do they know the entire market? When you are looking for an SUV for example, the dealer will guide you to their offering and tell you how great it is for your needs. This sounds like the way to go!! BUT are they likely to tell you that another brand has just launched a competitor which has better spec, and better fits your requirements at a cheaper price? Very unlikely.

This is what a Car Leasing Broker can offer. They supply all makes and all models so once they have spoken to you about your needs and your wants for your new car they can give you the unbiased opinion on the best option from across the entire market not just from one brand, like a dealer is tied to.

The Leasing Broker will give you impartial advice from across the market to help find the best option for you.

Question: Once I decide on the car that I want, if I go to the dealer can I get a better price direct?

A sensible question and again one we hear a lot, but this is not always the case. Many cases elsewhere show better deals by using a search facility, like with holidays or hotels when they commit to buying in bulk they get a better price that can be passed on to the consumer. This is the case with Car Leasing brokers, they order a lot of cars for all their clients and this buying power gains them better fleet discounts which are passed down to the end user even if they are only committing to one vehicle.
The other side of the deal is the finance company that provides the funding for the lease. As a broker we have access to multiple lease companies meaning the broker can do the shopping around for the best rates and residuals, where a dealer is restricted by the manufacturer of who they can use therefore limiting the options for the client.

The flexibility of a broker is its best feature when a customer is looking at their options. They literally have the world at their fingertips. Brokers can offer all makes and models to advise which is the best solution for the requirements AND they search the market place for the best finance package and purchase price to provide the customer with the overall most competitive price.

As mentioned the cars will always come from the main dealers with the same manufacturer's warranty and follow up service but you could end up with a better deal if you take advantage of the opportunities available to consumers from the Leasing Broker.

Question: I am not sure who the broker is, can I trust them with my financial information?

You are wise to be cautious with your data, however the broker market is well governed and monitored to protect consumers. It is always worth checking the broker out first, look for a company that has been established for a long time and that operate from a recognised business premises (not from someone’s bedroom, or a PO BOX). The industry has strict guidelines and a code of conduct that is overseen by the BVRLA, look for the logo or their BVRLA membership number. Also all financial advice given is only allowed by companies authorised and regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), make sure the broker is registered with them as all quotes and communication should state that they are.

If you want to see what I mean and discuss the options why not contact the leasing experts...

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Posted on 4th October 2018 at 12:48 PM

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